Finding Balance Within Instead of Banking on Outer Rules

Finding Balance Within Instead of Banking on Outer Rules

Deconstruction is part of the process of construction.

Balance doesn’t come by way of a mathematical formula; it’s not a fifty-fifty deal. There are no simple rules. For example, what’s the right balance between sleep and being awake? While this will vary somewhat from person to person, nobody needs twelve hours of sleep a day. So it may outwardly seem out of balance to get eight hours of sleep followed by sixteen hours of activity, but in terms of inner balance, that sounds about right. The long and short of it: we have to look within to find the right measure and not rely on rules…

But human beings like to find refuge in rules; we like hard and fast directions we can accept without thinking…So what we’re hoping for is a shortcut when what we really need to find is the spontaneous functioning of our true self…That’s the part of us that knows just how to be and what to do, in just the right measure, in any situation.

When we do the work of uncovering our unconscious bits and cleaning them up, we are reestablishing balance. With our frozen blocks freed up, we then find the right measure of things intuitively. We know when it’s right to be outgoing and to what extent, and when we should be gathering ourselves and holding ourselves together. We will know when it’s time to be active, and when we should chill and just be quiet…We’ll naturally know when to assert ourselves, and when to be flexible and give in…

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