Rolling with Change and Overcoming Fear of Death

Rolling with Change and Overcoming Fear of Death

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There is actually the seed of a plan buried in the heart of all divine substance, and the designs call for continual growth—for expansion—to infiltrate all that is…Contained in this motion are limitless possibilities for expressing, creating and being…When the expansion music stops, we fall on the floor and break…

An example of this is death. In truth, death is nothing more than a break. On another level, our consciousness and energy pick up the beat and resume, as it were, not unlike the way sleep is a break in consciousness on this level, but we journey on, on another level…

Implied in the movement of expansion is the willingness to change. Or perhaps we’re more familiar with the countermovement we feel in our soul—the fear of change…But if we don’t change, we can have no self-expression. Womp. Once again we tie our own hands with the scales of justice…

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