Why Lazy is the Worst Way to Be

Why Lazy is the Worst Way to Be

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The lowliest attribute on the bad-ways-to-be scale is not to be hateful, it is to be lazy.The more we ramp up our commitment—and really mean it—and make an effort every day to find our blocks and distortions, the more energy and excitement we will feel. But if we focus on selfish ends, we’ll be more insecure, battling a frightening sense that life is meaningless. Here’s the vicious circle: life is meaningless, we push selfishly for minor fulfillments, we feel divorced from Christ, and life feels more meaningless. Then we wonder why we feel depressed in the worst way.

Some of us have climbed off this hamster wheel, but we’re still only making a half-hearted effort. We’ve got one foot in heaven and the other on a banana peel. In truth, if we dedicate our life and talents to God, we will flourish in our daily life. Best yet, our splits will heal and unify, so unbelief will turn to belief, fear to trust, hate to love, ignorance to wisdom, separateness to union, and death to eternal life. Holy palooza.

When we’re weak and won’t stand up to evil in others—when we won’t fight for the truth—we’re encouraging evil. We’re saying the perpetrator isn’t that bad, that it’s OK and maybe smart, and see, other people also support it. We fear that if we stand up for decency and exposing the evil, we’ll be the one who gets ridiculed. We sell out in order to not be rejected….

So here’s something interesting to ponder: the active principle in distortion—as murderous and harmful as it might be—is never able to cause as much damage as the receptive, passive principle in distortion. So the lowliest attribute on the bad-ways-to-be scale of humanity is not to be hateful, it is to be lazy.

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