Jewels, In the Heart

These teachings from the Guide were transmitted by Eva Pierrakos over a period of 22 years. After she died in 1979, those who loved her created a collection of remembrances. This one from Judith Saly, who edited the original Pathwork lectures, is particularly lovely:

A couple of days after Eva died I felt her presence a lot, and I had this conversation with her: I said, “Eva, where are you?” She said, “I’m in Paradise.” I said, “What is it like there?” She said, “It’s wonderful. There’s no transference.” 

Then, she seemed to say that “We all wear jewels, in the heart”—or something like that. “Some of them are polished and some of them aren’t yet, and nobody hides those which are not yet polished, but wears them openly and with the right kind of pride. Everybody is admiring them, each other’s, and ‘this is what you still have to polish,’ but it’s ok. The unpolished stones are those on which the spirit will still have to work. 

Everybody looks at everybody for what they really are and nothing is in between. There is so much love, and love gives a sharpness of sight so that you see the ultimate possibility of the entity. So much love is given to the other here, and so much bliss. All can be themselves and can be seen as themselves.”

And she said, “If you would do this and look at each other like that, then you would give back that love, which you now have for me, to each other. And it would increase a thousand fold, and I could give it back to you with even more radiance.” I think this is what she is asking of each of us—to see one another as we truly are, and to allow everyone to be who they are.

Phoenesse: Find Your True You


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