7 Reincarnation in the Bible

7 Reincarnation in the Bible
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Reincarnation was on Jesus’ mind when he spoke of how we need to be reborn. It’s not hard to see that we will stagnate if we’re not constantly rediscovering and rebirthing aspects of our true selves as we do this work to know ourselves better. Physical rebirth is an unalterable component of this same process. It would be pure folly to assume that we could complete all of the development we need to do in one short life. This defies any logic and all common sense.

So reincarnation is hinted at in Holy Scripture in the concept of being reborn. But it’s stated as a boldface fact in the clear expression that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah. In the early years after the life and death of Jesus Christ, in fact, reincarnation was taught as a normal part of the Christian religion. So early Christians knew perfectly well that reincarnation was a true reality.

It was later on that church fathers saw how the knowledge of reincarnation was misused in Eastern traditions. So they took action to remove this danger; they took it out of the Bible.

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