We all wear jewels in the heart. Some of them are polished and some of them aren’t yet.

We all wear jewels in the heart. Some of them are polished and some of them aren’t yet.

The teachings from the Pathwork Guide were transmitted by Eva Pierrakos over a period of 22 years. After she died in 1979, those who loved her created a collection of remembrances called For Eva. Judith Saly, one of the people who edited the original Pathwork lectures, shared that she felt Eva’s presence very strongly in the days following her death.

So she had a “conversation” with Eva, asking Eva where she was. Eva replied that she was in Paradise. Judith asked what it was like there, and Eva said it was wonderful. No one had any transference!

Transference is what happens when we harbor certain feelings we aren’t aware of towards one or both of our parents. We then go about life directing these same unresolved, conflicted and often contradictory feelings on other people. Our demand is that they fix their problems so we won’t have to feel this way.

Eva seemed to be saying that everyone there was wearing “jewels in their heart,” or something like that. Some of these jewels were already polished and others weren’t yet. But nobody was hiding the ones that weren’t polished. They wore them openly, holding them with the right kind of pride.

Everyone went around admiring each other’s jewels, saying things like, “So this is what you still have yet to polish.” But it was all OK. The unpolished stones were just those that someone still had to work on.

In Paradise, everyone saw everyone else for who they really were, with nothing else between them. There was so much love. And this love gave clarity so that everyone could see the ultimate possibility of the spiritual being in front of them.

It seems that’s what Eva was asking each of us to do: To see each other as we really are. And to let everyone be who they are.

– Jill Loree

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