Category: Blinded by Fear

How I Wrote Blinded by Fear

Reading Time: 5 minutes

As I wrote each chapter in this book about facing our fears, I was amazed at the brilliant way these teachings come together. They illuminate this challenging topic from many different angles, until an amazing mosaic is revealed.


Is it Really More Blessed to Give than Receive?

Reading Time: 8 minutes

The continuum of giving and receiving is a soul movement that must flow. And in order for us to be healthy and to feel fulfilled, we need to be part of this ongoing process. We do that by allowing these forces to function, passing positive forces onto others and receiving what others are letting flow into us.

So the possibility always exists for us to give in a healthy way. Instead, too often we heap more pain onto our heads by withholding what we have to give. This pain is actually far worse than the pain of not having received enough.