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Essay 5 From believing to knowing: The trip of a lifetime

Are the Pathwork teachings—and in turn, my Phoenesse writings—essentially a philosophy? Perhaps. For according to Manson, “Philosophy is the inquiry into our understanding of reality, knowledge, and how we should live.” Indeed, that describes the Pathwork teachings to a T. And believing isn’t part of the program.

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Essay 6 Taking the more mystical way home

Just as Kabbalah is the mystical arm of the Jewish tradition, there is a mystical form of Islam called Sufism. It’s a bit harder to find a mystical path that dovetails with Christianity. A good candidate might be the path of Phoenesse, which is built on the profound teachings offered to humanity by the Pathwork Guide. This fits well from the perspective that both Phoenesse and Pathwork are Christic paths that don’t resemble Christianity at all.

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Essay 16 Four hard lessons about immaturity and images

Things are amping up right now. Collectively, the world is experiencing an influx of energy that is helping to shimmy our images to the surface. For that’s the only way we’re going to see them and heal them. This influx, then, is coming to help us heal. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand—along with our immaturity and images—and hope things will just all work out well in the end. For there is a Lower Self script running in the background of every person’s life. And if Lower Self is directing our show, the ending will always be sad.

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