Series: Pearls

Uncloaking the Three Faces of Evil: Separation, Materialism and Confusion

The word “evil” makes many of us turn away. But if we understand what it’s made of, we’ll be in a lot better position to fend it off. In this teaching, the Guide uncloaks the three easy-to-spot faces that evil wears: separation, materialism and confusion. Because let’s face it, we can’t fight an enemy if we don’t know it exists,…


Privacy & Secrecy: A Boost or Bust for Finding Closeness

In this spiritual teaching, the Guide explains how we have a genuine need for privacy and a real need to feel close to others, but secrets are a total buzz kill for intimacy. Secrets create impenetrable walls that lead to our own downfall. And then just when we’re about to get busted for keeping secrets, we trot out ‘our need…


Debunking the Curious Superstition of Pessimism

In this spiritual teaching, the Guide points out a seriously flawed strategy—pessimism—we use to hedge our bets and hopefully surprise ourselves with wonderful outcomes. The fault in our logic is that we don’t realize what powerful creators we are, and so we don’t realize that this superstitious folly is what creates our disappointing life experiences. Worse yet, we start to…