An overview of the spiritual offerings on Phoenesse

With Phoenesse, you can explore the wise spiritual teachings of the Pathwork Guide in many ways. Here is an overview of what is available on Phoenesse.

Spiritual essays

This collection of spiritual essays was created by Jill Loree over a period of three years, starting in 2019, mostly inspired by Pathwork teachings. Some are based on what was happening in the world, and others come from what was happening in Jill Loree’s life.

Collectively, this body of 33 spiritual essays—offered on Phoenesse and in Get a Better Boat—paints a powerful picture of what it means to walk a spiritual path and become more spiritual.

Understand these spiritual teachings

Spiritual teachings

What does it mean to be spiritual? Jill Loree offers an overview of what it means, and also a guide for how to walk a spiritual path. You can also read an overview of the Pathwork Guide’s teachings organized into three parts:

The Work of Healing | Learn about the work of incarnating as a human into this land of duality, and the steps we can take to unwind our difficulties and free ourselves from struggle.

The Prequel | Learn about the series of events that unfolded in the Spirit World, landing us here in this difficult dimension.

The Rescue | Learn what happened when we lost our free will, how we got it back, and who we should thank.

We can heal with insights from the Pathwork Guide

Insights from the Pathwork Guide

AFTER THE EGO reveals key facets about this complex and fascinating process of finding our true self, walking us through the vital process of waking up.

BLINDED BY FEAR illuminates fear from many perspectives. For it’s not awareness of our fears that causes us problems, but our fearful attitude about even looking at them.

The REAL. CLEAR. series

This series of seven books offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings by way of easier-to-read language. Each book is a compilation of teachings that have been rewritten for clarity and infused with a bit of levity. More

HOLY MOLY: Fascinating teachings about our journey out of darkness, including explanations about the Fall and Plan of Salvation.

FINDING GOLD: Enlightening teachings about the journey to finding ourselves.

BIBLE ME THIS: Answers to questions asked about the meaning of various Bible stories, myths and verses.

THE PULL: Valuable teachings about the power and significance of relationships.

PEARLS: 17 practical teachings offering pearls of wisdom you can use every day.

GEMS: 16 spiritual teachings delivering clear insights for finding unity.

BONES: These 19 core teachings are like the bones of a body—a framework around which the remaining body of work can arrange itself.

NUTSHELLS: Shortened versions of the teachings in Bones, Gems and Pearls.

The SELF. CARE. series

At approximately ten pages each, the 244 lectures that collectively form this body of work create a very large amount of material—not to mention the thousands of Q&As. It can be hard to get your arms around so many spiritual offerings, even for people who have been studying it for awhile.

SPILLING THE SCRIPT: A Concise Guide to Self-Knowing | An overview that helps a person see the full scope of the journey of being human and following this spiritual path. 

HEALING THE HURT: How to Help Using Spiritual Guidance | How to apply this material in helping others.

DOING THE WORK: Healing our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self | The tools for transforming our lives are not really a secret, they’re just not obvious. Let this free book help you start doing the work of personal growth.

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Pathwork and The Guide Speaks

The collection of Pathwork lectures and Pathwork Q&As offered to the world by the Pathwork Guide are teachings about personal self-development. The original lectures, which were spoken by Eva Pierrakos over a period of 22 years, are available for free at

At the end of most lectures, the Guide answered questions from people about the lecture. He also invited people to ask questions about their personal issues and about life in general. In between monthly lectures, Eva also held monthly question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions during which participants could ask even more questions.

Transcripts from fourteen Q&A sessions became part of the main list of lectures because Eva sent them out to her mailing list in place of lectures when she went on vacation. Jill Loree undertook a task of reading the remaining 100 Q&A transcript, and then sorting and cleaning up the thousands of Q&As.

She arranged them by topic and then created a website called The Guide Speaks to make all of them easy to access. The website includes a Table of Contents with links to Q&As by topic. Or you can select Next Topic at the bottom of each page to read through them.

This is a lot of information. So Jill Loree created a collection of the most fascinating Q&As that create a beautiful new perspective on true faith. Keywords includes hard-hitting questions about religion, Christ, the Bible, reincarnation, the Spirit World, death, prayer and meditation, and God. Read online or get the free eBook.

More spiritual books

Walker: In this big-hearted memoir, Jill Loree brings you inside her spiritual journey. Filled with humor and hope, this is a story that reflects how we all can find the light.

Word for Word: Surprisingly insightful and at times pretty funny, Word for Word is a collection of emails and texts between Jill Loree and Scott Wisler during their first month of relating.

Living Light: What greater gift could we give ourselves than to wake up and to bring forward the new consciousness unfolding within, to become a living light. Read online.

Spiritual Laws: A short collection of the Guide’s many teachings about the way this world works.

spiritual podcasts

Spiritual podcasts

Jill Loree has recorded each chapter in the 9 books filled with spiritual teachings from the Pathwork Guide. Each chapter is available for free as a spiritual podcast. You can listen to Walker with a Full Access membership.

Listen now: After the EgoBlinded by FearWalkerHoly MolyFinding GoldBible Me ThisThe PullPearlsGemsBones

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