Relaxing into the Struggle to Find the Oneness

Relaxing into the Struggle to Find the Oneness

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To our way of seeing things, we have been put into a world that is an objective, fixed place; everything is ready-made…Submitting to this version of reality, false though it may be, seems to make the most sense…To a degree, this assessment is correct. We do need to accept the world the way we find it and deal with it on its terms…At the same time we have a new vision of things rising up from the fog…

With this new awareness, we know—in our gut, not just in our head—that there is only good, only meaning, and nothing to fear…Knowing this is not a burden; it liberates us and makes us feel safe…But also by knowing this, it may be tempting to skip over all this grappling with duality. Let’s just go straight to the good stuff. This type of thinking comes from a childish desire to be king of the hill, even if we have to cheat our way to the top…

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