The Importance of Forming Independent Opinions

The Importance of Forming Independent Opinions
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We are all seeking to enter the kingdom of God—the kingdom of love. And then we stub our toes, over and over, on difficulties with other human beings. Doh. We’re full of goodwill and we know about basic spiritual truths and how important love is. But still, obstacles arise.

The main problem here is blindness—others’ and our own. In their blindness, others hurt us, and in our own blindness, we don’t see how much we hurt them back. Whenever we think that our suffering is caused by someone else—ding, ding, ding, we lose. They are then most definitely no more blind than we are.

We build these elaborate cases against others—and we see them so clearly—fortifying our position by thinking in reverse. We need to turn that beacon on ourselves and catch ourselves in this act. Because objectivity is a fundamental requirement for being unselfish and having the capacity to love.

The more we battle against all that we can’t change—which largely includes everything and everybody—the more unhappy we become. This happens regardless of how right we are or how wrong the other may be.

Which brings us face-to-face with our opinions. What exactly are they, these ironclad opinions of ours, many of which we’ve accepted as gospel when we don’t even know if they are truly ours—or why we believe in them.

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