How Consciousness Evolves Between Individuals and Groups

How Consciousness Evolves Between Individuals and Groups

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The stream of energy and consciousness flooding the planet since the turn of the century is the Christ force. We need to wake up more.The swing of the pendulum, alternately emphasizing individual and group consciousness, has been in motion since mankind first set foot on planet Earth. During each phase, we move to a higher level of development, leveraging what we have learned from the previous phase.

Over the past few hundred years, the emphasis has been on the individual. We were learning certain lessons related to individual rights—we have the right to be ourselves, to be different, to not conform, and to become more self-responsible. As we turned the corner into the current century, this phase approached its end.

This doesn’t mean the individual is no longer important, but rather the emphasis must now shift once again to the group. It is important to distinguish between the healthy development of group consciousness and the blind movement of creating a mass consciousness. In the latter, people feel disconnected from themselves, from nature and from each other.

Whereas group consciousness honors and supports individuals, mass consciousness eliminates them. Mass consciousness not only doesn’t require individuals to stand in their own right, it thwarts this, imposing conformity and blind following.

Since the movement is continuous, what’s right at one point in time may be totally wrong at another. When we reach the switchover point—whether we’re talking about a person or the whole planet, doesn’t matter—strong new energies will come flowing in from another sphere. If we attempt to halt this movement—by not feeling, not trusting or not following our own inner movement—a painful crisis will erupt instead. The energy has to go somewhere.

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