Explore these Spiritual Teachings

With Phoenesse, you can explore these spiritual teachings in many ways:

Two Power-Packed Collections | After the Ego & Blinded by Fear

These timely teachings offer clarity and direction for releasing our fear, finding our way out of conflict, and waking up from duality.

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Online Overview | Understand these Spiritual Teachings

Read an overview of the Guide’s teachings, organized into three parts:

Work of Healing | Learn about the work of incarnating as a human into this land of duality, and the steps we can take to unwind our difficulties and free ourselves from struggle.

Prequel | Learn about the series of events that unfolded in the Spirit World, landing us here in this difficult dimension.

Rescue | Learn what happened when we lost our free will, how we got it back, and who we should thank.

Books and PodcastsThe Real.Clear. Series

Read or listen to roughly 100 teachings from the Guide, rewritten and nicely organized for easier access.

Self help books

Overview |  The Self.Care. Series

Get a bird’s-eye view of Pathwork Guide’s teachings and learn how to apply them in working with others and ourselves. 

Pathwork lectures

Original Lectures  |  The Pathwork Lectures

Browse the 250 original Pathwork lectures titles. Discover which Pathwork teachings are in what Phoenesse books.

Original Q&As  |  The Guide Speaks

Get answers to thousands of questions asked of the Pathwork Guide, organized and made available by Phoenesse. www.theguidespeaks.com. Or get Keywords, a collection of Jill Loree’s favorites, available for reading online or as a free ebook.

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