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Shame: The Right and Wrong Kind

Reading Time: 10 minutes

One of the most effective motivators for doing the work of self-development—for purifying ourselves—is feeling badly about something. We want to make things right, to atone for messing up. Underneath this is a feeling of shame, which propels us to go in a positive direction. Without this inner push, we’d remain stuck. This right kind of shame, then, is constructive.…


The Brilliant Message of Christmas Lights

Reading Time: 4 minutes

There was a time in our history when everything had to be experienced outside ourselves. We just weren’t developed enough to see things on their inner level. So everything was seen facing outward. Even the coming of Christ had to be experienced this way. And so it was that a human being appeared on Earth who was a person of…


The World is Our Mirror: Transference vs. Projection

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What’s the difference between transference and projection? Transference is what happens when we harbor certain feelings we aren’t aware of towards one or both of our parents. We then go about life directing these same unresolved, conflicted and often contradictory feelings on other people. Our demand is that they fix their problems so we won’t have to feel this way.…