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Living in Paradise

Oh, How We Struggle, Even in Paradise!

Reading Time: 24 minutes

This three-part article explains 1) The first plan, involving a shorter Path to Freedom by way of Paradise, and why it failed, 2) God’s back-up plan, involving the creation of Earth, and 3) Humanity’s current stage of development: Our transition into adulthood.

Yes, as we enter a new era, we are now going through a time of crisis. But this is just a normal part of growing up. It’s now time for humanity to step fully into adulthood.


The Real Meaning of Xmas

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When I was in grade school, I had a friend whose Christian upbringing was a tad conservative. As such, she was taught to never use “xmas” as an abbreviation for Christmas because “it crosses out Christ’s name.” In fact, the origin of this commonly encountered Christogram is rooted in some interesting history. Here’s what it really means.


Taking the More Mystical Way Home

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Just as Kabbalah is the mystical arm of the Jewish tradition, there is a mystical form of Islam called Sufism. It’s a bit harder to find a mystical path that dovetails with Christianity. A good candidate might be the path of Phoenesse, which is built on the profound teachings offered to humanity by the Pathwork Guide. This fits well from the perspective that both Phoenesse and Pathwork are Christic paths that don’t resemble Christianity at all.


Finding Our Light: My Husband, the Ego and Imposters

Reading Time: 15 minutes

The journey of a human being—the journey that all the lectures from the Pathwork Guide are pointing to—is about waking up from the domain of the ego and establishing a firm connection with our inner source. This is neither trivial nor easy to do. For it requires us to surface and transform all the parts of ourselves that are blocking our light.

Then, when we are connected with our greater being, we will know when we are being visited by an imposter. Without that inner connection, our ego will fall for their tricks and we will be the ones looking foolish.