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Duality and the Skeptic

Reading Time: 5 minutes

To be caught in duality is to be caught in the illusion of opposites. Our work is to uncover the kink in the system and return our negative outlooks and behaviors to their original positive form.

But wait, we worry, won’t that mean I must become gullible? No, what it really means is we must grow up. For to be immature is to be caught in the black-and-white thinking of duality. Fortunately, there is a way out: We must become skeptical about our own selves. We must question everything we believe.

connection vs separation

Choose the Light

Reading Time: < 1 minute

What to Think? What to Say? What to Do? A Simple Way to Know

We can always check to see whether we are thinking, speaking or acting from our lightness or our darkness by asking this simple question: Am I serving connection or separation?


A Charming, Cautionary Tale

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In this short, heartwarming story, a new couple discovers they must grow towards each other if they want to enjoy a happy ending. Let yourself be inspired by Claudia’s charming illustrations and Patricia’s sweet voice. Your relationship can rekindle its connection too!


Jewels, In the Heart

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“We all wear jewels, in the heart…Some of them are polished and some of them aren’t yet, and nobody hides those which are not yet polished, but wears them openly and with the right kind of pride. Everybody is admiring them, each other’s, and ‘this is what you still have to polish,’ but it’s ok. The unpolished stones are those on which the spirit will still have to work….”
I think this is what she is asking of each of us—to see one another as we truly are, and to allow everyone to be who they are. — Judith Saly