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Do we have to obey spiritual laws?

One could say that God is who created spiritual laws. But it would be more correct to say God is spiritual laws. They are kind and loving, letting us choose whether to follow them. More aptly, we get to choose how much pain we want to tolerate.

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Is the truth hard to find?

You could say that the search for untruth—and more importantly, for how to correct it— is the whole point of incarnating. But how? Where do we even start? Believe it or not, the most logical place to search for the truth is to look for the untruth. We start by facing ourselves as we are right now. Where are we struggling? What in our life hurts? Where is there disharmony, conflict, unhappiness? For these are not random, unfortunate fates we can’t control. Rather, they are the natural results of untruth. And we only need to turn and face into our difficulties to realize this.

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What do you hate?

Hate is a very empowering feeling. It lights us up. The fact that it is so energized makes it very hard to just let go of our hate. But hate is never aligned with the truth of who we are. Since, at our core, we all shine the most beautiful rays of love. And we feel much, much better when love is what lights our fire. So if our goal is to feel love, we must get to the bottom of our hate.

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