Category: The Guide Speaks

Who Runs the World?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

As Jesus was preparing his apostles for what was to come, he told them that he would be sending the spirit of truth. And as they went forth in the world to spread Christ’s message, they were indeed inspired by this spirit. But in fact, there isn’t just one spirit of truth. We can liken this to saying “I went…


The Movement toward Giving: Three Stages of Development

Reading Time: 6 minutes

For each of us, as we mature, our first major growth phase comes when we give up dependency and move into self-responsibility. When we do this, we become independent, accountable and able to stand up for ourselves. Of course we don’t do this all at once, in one giant leap. No, we’re typically ambivalent about taking this step, with part…


Why was the Pathwork® Guide Anonymous?

Reading Time: 1 minute

The Guide always said that his or her name didn’t matter, for after all, we shouldn’t believe anything unless it makes sense to us, no matter who said it. The other reason for the Guide’s anonymity is this: The moment personality comes into play, distortion sets in. These distortions stem from our tendency to glorify, idolize and alienate those we…


The Brilliant Message of Christmas Lights

Reading Time: 4 minutes

There was a time in our history when everything had to be experienced outside ourselves. We just weren’t developed enough to see things on their inner level. So everything was seen facing outward. Even the coming of Christ had to be experienced this way. And so it was that a human being appeared on Earth who was a person of…