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The World is Our Mirror: Transference vs. Projection

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What’s the difference between transference and projection? Transference is what happens when we harbor certain feelings we aren’t aware of towards one or both of our parents. We then go about life directing these same unresolved, conflicted and often contradictory feelings on other people. Our demand is that they fix their problems so we won’t have to feel this way.…


The Art of Self-Discipline

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Our true nature operates for the sake of fulfillment and creating a meaningful life. And really, isn’t that our deep desire? But then something goes sideways in life and we are suddenly torn into comparing ourselves with others, and we begin using our ambition in the wrong way. If we were to use our initiative in a proper, realistic way,…

crystals are substitute for consciousness

Crystals vs. Consciousness

Reading Time: 6 minutes

QUESTION to The Guide: There are a number of substances that have been used through the ages for medicinal reasons, as well as for effecting the health of human beings. I would like to ask, for instance, about the vibrations in gold, about the effect of precious stones that many people wear, about the proximity of crystals in human beings.…

writers block is same as letting out love feelings

Writer’s Block: What’s It Got to do With Love?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

QUESTION: For a long time I’ve had a block against expressing myself creatively in any form, really, but it hurts me most in my writing, which is my natural form of expression. Recently, this has begun to loosen up, but I’m having trouble getting in touch with the part of me that wants to prevent me from writing and from…