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Meek & Mild vs. Just Truly Meek: Which Delivers the Goods?

Reading Time: 8 minutes

When Jesus told his followers that the meek shall inherent the Earth, was he really suggesting we should become doormats if we want to bring home all the good stuff? Actually, as explained in Bible Me This: Releasing the Riddles of Holy Scripture, the word “meek”, in historical context, refers to “people who don’t hate or resent others, who have…


Fear Whispers ‘Be Very Afraid’

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When my sons were teenagers just learning to drive, I cautioned them to be mindful about their judgment. ‘And the thing you have the worst judgment about is how good your judgment is,’ I said. Fear talks to us in a similarly circular way. It’s the part of ourselves constantly cautioning us to remain alert—to be very, very afraid. ‘Without…