Category: Spiritual Laws

Four Laws for Living Right

Reading Time: 4 minutes

This world runs on a whole series of interconnecting spiritual laws that are designed to move us in the right direction. They do this mostly by making movement in the wrong direction—aka, away from our highest good—unpleasant, if not downright painful. Here are four spiritual laws to become mindful of every day: The Law of Making an Effort Long story…

pain and struggle motivate us to change

Why is there Pain?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Plan of Salvation calls for fallen spiritual beings to return to Earth time and time again, each time with a mission to advance spiritually by healing some aspect of negativity. And each time we incarnate, we will find that there is one equation that must always come out right: hardship equals self-created difficulties. In other words, if we feel…


We Zig and We Zag

Reading Time: 1 minute

Over the long haul, whatever happens must be for the good, for that’s how divine laws have been constructed. Basically, when we zag in a direction that opposes God’s will and therefore spiritual laws, we will feel the pinch and be motivated to zig back into line, to course-correct. These are loving laws we’re talking about, designed to help us…