God & Creation

God & Creation
Holy Moly

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Starting with God, what is there to say? He is great. He is good. He is beyond words. For us humans, it is not possible to know what God is. That said, he is both person and principle. Both are true.

In his male aspect, he is Creator. As such, in the West, we experience God as a “him.” In his masculine capacity, he takes action, he makes decisions and determinations. In this capacity, God created the universe, with all its laws and beings. We are created in his image, meaning all divine aspects occur, in a lesser degree, within us. And thus, creative ability exists in all of us too. It can’t not.

The creation of beings, of course, was in conjunction with the divine female aspect. So while in the active aspect, God is personality—active, thinking and planning—in the female aspect, God is in a state of being. This helps explain why Eastern philosophies experience God more through the peaceful state of sitting in meditation. They see a different face of God.


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