Series: Finding Gold

Self-Alienation and the Way Back to the Real Self

Suffering is what we produce in the struggle between the spirit world of truth and the material world, or matter. Because what makes us suffer is untruth. And another word for untruth is unawareness. And matter is what results from unawareness. When we attempt to master our life by mastering matter, what we are really hoping for is mastery over…


Winner vs Loser: Interplay Between the Self and Creative Forces

Living in this land of duality, we are continually harboring arbitrary either/or concepts. Some of these, we may not even be aware of. One of the most common ones, which causes one of our greatest limitations, is an attitude we hold about winning or losing. In this way of looking at things, being a winner means being ruthless. We must…


The Importance of Forming Independent Opinions

We are all seeking to enter the kingdom of God—the kingdom of love. And then we stub our toes, over and over, on difficulties with other human beings. Doh. We’re full of goodwill and we know about basic spiritual truths and how important love is. But still, obstacles arise. The main problem here is blindness—others’ and our own. In their…