Approach to Self: Self-Forgiveness Without Condoning the Lower Self

Approach to Self: Self-Forgiveness Without Condoning the Lower Self

We’ve been asking a God outside ourselves to please forgive us. What if we just stopped withholding self-forgiveness from ourselves?So you may be wondering: what on earth does self-forgiveness have to do with self-confrontation? Great question. There is a deep but extremely relevant connection between self-hate, fear of punishment, fear of death and the disintegration of the cell structure that falls into a channel and then is attracted into a new form.

It’s like this. Our thoughts are creations that have their own cell structure and their own matter, but it is of a density that is invisible to us. If we are living in a split-off reality, we are going to need to hate ourselves if we want to face the truth about our Lower Selves. Either that, or we are going to have to deny the truth about our Lower Selves in order to not hate ourselves and fear our dying—not existing. This drops us into a channel that keeps chunking out these invisible thought forms in an ever-repeating pattern of confusion-and-suffering, confusion-and-suffering.

But how about we take an entirely new approach to ourselves. (Well, entirely new and yet not-so-new.) What if we allowed the God that is in us—and which we can be the moment we decide we want to be—to be in the state of self-love and self-forgiveness in the most divine and healthy way. No trace of self-indulgence or denial of what is true in our Lower Self. Just love and compassion for our wonderful struggle. Just respect for our wonderful honesty, even if what we’re looking at is our dishonesty.

What if we choose other thoughts than the current patterns we take for granted. Our habitual peace-nabbing thoughts are our worst enemy, yet we let them stay. What if we got a little distance from them and stopped animating them with self-hate, distrust and hopelessness.

Facing our Lower Self means we deserve some mercy here—some self-forgiveness. And how about some of that love we have been praying for, for millennia. We’ve been asking a God who lives outside ourselves to give us this: please be kind and merciful and loving to us. What if we just stopped withholding this from ourselves?

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