Category: After the Ego

Finding Our Light: My Husband, the Ego and Imposters

Reading Time: 15 minutes

The journey of a human being—the journey that all the lectures from the Pathwork Guide are pointing to—is about waking up from the domain of the ego and establishing a firm connection with our inner source. This is neither trivial nor easy to do. For it requires us to surface and transform all the parts of ourselves that are blocking our light.

Then, when we are connected with our greater being, we will know when we are being visited by an imposter. Without that inner connection, our ego will fall for their tricks and we will be the ones looking foolish.


Real Self vs True Self: What’s the Difference?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In our quest to wake up, our mission is to travel the surprisingly long distance from our ego to our True Self. Along the way, we will need to overcome a potentially long list of hurdles that are part of our Real Self. Wait, aren’t these two things—our True Self and our Real Self—the same thing? No, and it’s vitally important we understand the difference.


Why Waking Up Means Freedom from Conflict

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Waking up means all parts of the human psyche work together to shift which part is in the lead. The part that needs waking up is the Higher Self. In most people, it lies dormant in the center of our being, rarely seen and seldom consulted. It’s not so much that our Higher Self is asleep, but we’re simply no longer aware of it. It’s patiently waiting for us to access it—to operate our lives from this deeper place within.


How to Use Our Mind to Wake Up

Reading Time: 3 minutes

For century after century, we humans have been developing our intellect. This had to be cultivated so our ego mind could fulfill its role in becoming an important stepping stone in the evolution of humanity. But by now, through our overemphasis, we’ve overshot the mark. This doesn’t mean it’s now time to revert back to being blind, only following our emotional “desire-nature.” What it means instead is that it’s time to wake up. It’s time to open up to a higher realm of consciousness inside us, and let this light shine. Our true self is ready to unfold.