Individual Sessions

For anyone interested in seriously embarking on a journey of spiritual healing, having regular, individual sessions with a trained healer is a must. We simply cannot shift our inner distortions all on our own, and so need the guiding help of someone who has gone this way before us.

Doing the Work , which is available as a free PDF or as a free ebook, provides a good overview of what it means to do this work of spiritual healing. It is transformative in nature and can be life-changing on many levels. Healing the Hurt explains how this work of spiritual healing differs from the work done in therapy:

How this Differs from Therapy

Generally speaking, the goal of therapy is to address a specific issue, i.e. deal with a painful relationship or divorce, handle the strain of aging parents, or cope with the stress of a difficult workplace environment. Or it may be to address and manage a particular problem such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder or the like.

Our aim in doing the spiritual work of healing must also necessarily work with our life issues, but that is not the main goal. Rather, the intention here is to work with the daily occurrences of life to unravel their roots and transform blocked emotional pain back into the free-flowing energetic state from which it came. It is only when this has been done to a certain degree that the deeper purpose of walking a spiritual path can be experienced: to consciously surrender into a deep inner connection with the source from which all wisdom, love and courage arises, and which is the true birthright of every human being.

Scheduling a Session with Jill Loree, Pathwork Helper

Jill Loree, Pathwork Helper

I am a qualified Pathwork Helper, having claimed my Helpership from the Pathwork of Georgia in 2010. I am also recognized as a Pathwork Helper by Mid-Atlantic Pathwork.

One-hour, one-on-one Helper sessions are available over Skype (preferred) or phone. My hourly session rate is $115 per hour; sessions may be scheduled between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday. It is recommended to have regular sessions, every two to three weeks.

All Workers (that’s you!) will be asked to read and sign Agreement for Working with Jill Loree, Pathwork Helper.

Please send me a message requesting a specific date and time for a session, or feel free to ask further questions about spiritual healing session-work. A free introductory meeting session of 15-30 minutes can be arranged upon request.