Healing by Opening Up: Why Do We Tell Our Stories?

Reading Time: 8 minutes

There is a spiritual law at work when we open up to someone else. Because in that moment, we are taking a risk and performing an act of humility. And becoming humble—as opposed to prideful—is very healing.

In fact, one of the most harmful things we do to ourselves is to try to appear more perfect than we are. But the moment we show another person what’s really going on inside us, we will instantly feel relief. Even if the other person doesn’t give us a single bit of advice. (Part 3 of 3)


Why Did God Make War?

Reading Time: 13 minutes

We can likely all agree that we live in a world filled with people at very different levels of development. This causes friction, and that friction hands us our work. Because all these different levels of development create misunderstandings and blindness, and therefore conflicts. Yet this friction is exactly the key to developing faster. Because conflicts are what bring our own weaknesses to the surface.

All this makes being a human quite difficult. So then why couldn’t all this have been avoided? Why can’t we just live with people who hail from the same spiritual spheres as us? Well, we used to, and here’s what happened.


What Happened When You Were Seven?

Reading Time: 14 minutes

It will take most people an entire lifetime to realize that conclusions formed early in life are based on misunderstandings. Indeed, many will go to their graves believing their hidden wrong conclusions were right.

Since we can no longer see our mistaken beliefs, it’s easy to assume they must be harmless, right? No, they’re not. Because they form hidden obstacles in our system—tight knots made up of wrong conclusions and the painful feelings associated with them—that today are the root cause of all our daily disharmonies. For they are at the root of our faults.


Feeling Lost? Here’s How to Find Yourself

Reading Time: 11 minutes

At one time or another, most of us have felt lost. What do we do then? Typically, we try harder. But too often, we only become more mired in darkness. What we’re really missing is our own inner light. And what we need to help find it—to find yourself, really—is a map. Here then, is a simple map showing the basic lay of the land of the human psyche.


Holding the Light: Another Perspective

Reading Time: 5 minutes

On the surface, it may seem there are as many perspectives in this world as there are people. But if we dig a little deeper, we’ll find the common denominators. And one of the signature common beliefs we all hold in our Lower Self is the notion that “it’s me against the other.” This, however, does not align with the truth of our being.