Jewels, In the Heart

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“We all wear jewels, in the heart…Some of them are polished and some of them aren’t yet, and nobody hides those which are not yet polished, but wears them openly and with the right kind of pride. Everybody is admiring them, each other’s, and ‘this is what you still have to polish,’ but it’s ok. The unpolished stones are those on which the spirit will still have to work….”
I think this is what she is asking of each of us—to see one another as we truly are, and to allow everyone to be who they are. — Judith Saly


Is it Really More Blessed to Give than Receive?

Reading Time: 8 minutes

The continuum of giving and receiving is a soul movement that must flow. And in order for us to be healthy and to feel fulfilled, we need to be part of this ongoing process. We do that by allowing these forces to function, passing positive forces onto others and receiving what others are letting flow into us.

So the possibility always exists for us to give in a healthy way. Instead, too often we heap more pain onto our heads by withholding what we have to give. This pain is actually far worse than the pain of not having received enough.


True or False: Church

Reading Time: 4 minutes

According to the spiritual teachings of the Pathwork Guide, the version of things told in my church growing up holds a significant grain of truth. The problem lies in the twist of the tale that turns some fabulous facts into something false.

The truth of the matter is this: We got ourselves into this pickle and it’s on us to work our way out. Also, in truth, there are essentially two ways we can go, but we get lots and lots of do-overs to stick our landing in the Light.


Feeling Stuck?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

When something gets hidden from our awareness and tucked away into our unconscious—regardless how misguided or off kilter it might be—it keeps operating without our reasoning faculties stepping in to change it. Our errors then just keep chunking out more erroneous garbage that stinks up our whole existence.