isolation to union

After Isolation: Approaching the Great Transition

Reading Time: 12 minutes

The great longing of all humanity is to participate in the life that follows after going through this transition. Meanwhile, in our ignorance, we fight this transition. Nevertheless, the longing always remains. Because the state of union is the natural state of all God’s creatures. And in that state, there’s no loneliness anymore.

In our present state, however, many of us still feel essentially alone. In this state of isolation, the best we can hope for is a feeling that others are in the same boat as we are. That others also feel utterly alone. But that’s not at all what the new state really feels like.

Living in Paradise

PARADISE: The First Path to Freedom

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Part 1: Someone once asked the Pathwork® Guide why life has to be so hard. In fact, according to the Guide, another way was tried. It was an easier way, that took us by way of Paradise. And yet, because we struggle against having to obey, we failed.


EARTH: The Plan of Creation

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Part 2: Following the failure of the first part of the sevenfold Plan of Creation, a new world had to be created. This path would be much longer—and harder—but it would create a way for every spirit from every level of Hell to work their way back home.

It's time to grow up.

GROWING UP: Maturing Through Stages

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Part 3: As we enter a new era—the start of a new epoch, really—we are going through a time of crisis. But this is just a normal part of growing up. And ready or not, it’s now time for humanity to step fully into adulthood. Here’s where we are heading next.