The Pull
The Pull
10 Affecting and being affected
Every day, we run into the greatest therapist there is: life.
Every day, we run into the greatest therapist there is: life.

It stands to reason that we affect others in a particular way when we operate from our destructive levels. And of course, we are likewise being affected by others who operate from their destructiveness. This topic of affecting and being affected is extremely important.

If we’re being affected by another’s negativity, you can bet we’re sitting on some self-doubt and guilt; we haven’t faced all our confusions and destructive impulses yet. Yes, we might have swept the whole room, but we missed a few spots. This is what keeps us coming back here to life on Earth. We’re still locked in the battle with duality, wrestling with the opposites of pleasure and pain, life and death, good and evil. Only now we have the key for how to transcend these. We just have to use it.

What we often spend a lot of time working on is our walls. What is it we feel so vulnerable against and work so hard to repel? For the most part, it’s the cruelty and hostility that people are wont to unload on us. They make unjustified demands on the world, which can’t help but splatter onto us. That’s what we’re afraid of. That’s why the walls. And the moat.

We build our impenetrable defenses with a plan to keep being affected by all that crap at bay. What we don’t bargain for is the way our walls ward off everything and anything that life gives with great abundance. The walls then become our downfall. They block the best from coming our way. And they lock down our own best from coming out. They stop that lovin’ feeling.

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