The Right and Wrong Way to Think Positively

The Right and Wrong Way to Think Positively

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Students of positive thinking are encouraged to pursue the wrong way to think positively: push all negative thoughts into their unconscious.There is a subject of great dispute: positive thinking. As many believe, it is indeed essential for anyone who wants to mature spiritually. Unfortunately, it is often wrongly understood and therefore applied in the wrong way, for there is a wrong way to think positively.

One of the fundamental building blocks of any spiritual path is developing clean and sound thoughts…Unclean thoughts then build disharmonious creations that lead, eventually, to impacting our destiny…

It’s always so tempting for us to push uncomfortable thoughts out of our awareness, but we don’t realize that those thoughts then have the power to do infinitely more harm than any conscious thought ever could—even our worst ones…When a thought is conscious, we can deal with it. When it smolders in our unconscious, it’s like a time bomb that builds highly destructive forms around itself…

As a result, diligent students of positive thinking are encouraged to do the one thing that is the very worst for them: they push all negative thoughts out of their mind and into their unconscious, completely disregarding the discrepancy between what they actually think or feel and what they want to think or feel. All in an intention to not harbor negative thoughts…Positive thinking tries to convince us it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Well-meant as this may be, it’s a lie. And this is the real tragedy of the wrong kind of positive thinking…

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