Mastering the Art of Stepping into Leadership

Mastering the Art of Stepping into Leadership

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We want a leader who is really more like a biased personal god, who alters the laws of life for us as if by magic. When it comes to mastering leadership, we have many conflicting attitudes. First of all, we envy leadership when we encounter it in others…We reactivate our dormant reactions towards anyone in authority, dragging obsolete problems out of hiding and making an enemy of anyone who is a leader in the truest sense of the word…In our envy of the leaders, we want to become the leader. But this undeveloped, childish part—which overshadows the parts that are more developed—doesn’t want to accept any of the responsibilities that go along with being a leader…

We have another common conflict with leadership: we want a leader who will benefit us personally…This greater leader—really more like a biased personal god—is supposed to alter the laws of life for us, as if by magic… 

As long as we refuse to fulfill the natural requirements for leadership ourselves—in whatever way we are called to do so—we have no right to resent or envy leadership in others. Yet we do. The word that describes this phenomenon is “transference”—we react to this super-power the way we react to our parents…The equation is simple: if we don’t assume leadership over our own life, we will need to find a leader who will run our life for us. For no one can live without leadership; we become a boat without a rudder…

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