Myth: Tower of Babel

Myth: Tower of Babel
Bible Me This

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Trying to get to heaven—to reach perfection—by taking a shortcut through material means is just as nuts as building a tower of babel that reaches the heavens.

Entire books could be written just to explain this passage about the Tower of Babel, that’s how much is contained in it. For now, we’ll consider just one aspect of it, starting with the reference to “of one language.” Long, long ago, human beings were whole beings that were fully integrated and living in harmony within themselves—no conflicts and no contradictions. Our spirits weren’t these fragmented, scattered beings, like we are now. To say our current version of ourselves lacks single-pointed focus is an understatement, given the abundance of contradictory forces inside each of us.

These contradictions can be thought of as “different languages,” a symbol that represents how we don’t understand ourselves. Since this is what exists inside our souls, this Tower of Babel, it’s going to also exist outwardly in the world. It has to. Enter chaos, stage left. World conditions are the sum total of what’s going on under the hood, and our engines are a jumble of confusion, blindness, wrong conclusions and contradictory aims.

Then the outer confusions and problems confound us, because we ignore how they are being conditioned by our inner ones. As a result, we can’t link up cause and effect, so we can’t make sense of all this “Babel.” The way to clear all this up is to explore the meaning of our emotions, which up until now we have largely not understood.

Further, if we can’t comprehend our own selves, how can we possibly understand others? Our confusions contribute to our poor ability to communicate, so we can’t make them understand us, to boot. So difficulty communicating, that too is the Tower of Babel.

The movement of evolution is one of perpetually closing circles. It applies equally to the whole evolution of the cosmos as it does to our individual spiritual paths. We start out with an outward movement and then move in, in a return to perfection.

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