Self-Liking: The Condition for Universal State of Bliss

Self-Liking: The Condition for Universal State of Bliss
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What is this bliss of which we speak? It’s actually a state we are wired to experience. This isn’t theoretical. It’s a natural law. Not being in bliss is what’s not natural. What takes us from bliss is some kind of disturbance. Otherwise, that’s where we’d be.

This is no vague, cheesy promise for a life in the great beyond. It can be possible, right here, right now. Attaining it doesn’t depend on some herculean feat or state of perfection that’s in contradiction to our present way of being. Nothing has to be different for it to be here. Such total happiness is possible as we are now.

Deep down, we know this is our birthright. And we all want it, this pleasure supreme. Whether or not we realize that we’re the ones with the misdirected strivings doesn’t alter the facts. Which all means that we could recalibrate our search and find what we’ve been looking for. Let’s look at the two main aspects of this search.

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