Finding Gold
Finding Gold
9 Self-liking: The condition for universal state of bliss
Getting praised for going along with group-think is like a balm on our sores of self-disliking.
Getting praised for going along with group-think is like a balm on our sores of self-disliking.

Our ability to land in bliss is directly related to our self-esteem—our ability to like ourselves. This equation must always come out even in the end. To the exact degree self-liking exists, happiness exists. Pencils down.

But if self-liking is missing, the psyche can’t experience its natural state. When this happens, we are alienated from universal forces, and that sets up a barrier that prevents us from joining in with the great forces of the cosmos—ah, bliss. Matters not if we have a good and valid reason for not liking ourselves. The obstacles exist either way. And we can’t just deny them away. Sticking our heads in the sand won’t undo the negative effects of self-dislike.

So we need to take a good hard look at our inner mechanisms, which run like fine clockwork in their exacting process. We can’t follow any path of self-realization without navigating these ever-so-subtle soul movements. In this case, somehow, somewhere, there’s a violation of our personal integrity going on.

If we hope to become a truly free spirit, we need to improve our ability to make independent decisions that will get us in line with universal laws. No more hand-me-down values or allegiances to cultural mores. No more “whatever they say.” No more taking on others’ opinions and calling them good enough. Living on autopilot prevents self-autonomy. And this is way more widespread than we can imagine.

We’re probably in good shape on crass issues that developed people tend to realize and get clear of. But none of us can see all the other issues that require a clean approach. In the end, any time we take any law, opinion or belief for granted that’s not a universal law of life, we slam shut the door on those cosmic feelings of bliss.

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