After the Ego
After the Ego
13 Changing from outer to inner laws in this new era
Many people are still unable to make an apparent sacrifice in an effort to preserve kindness, constructive behavior and decency.
Many people are still unable to make an apparent sacrifice in an effort to preserve kindness, constructive behavior and decency.

This planet and the people on it are going through a growth process. Every seed that this plan of ultimate self-evolution contains, carries its own plan for fulfillment. And each seed will unfold in its own organic way, following its own inner laws. We experience this phenomenon when we do our work of personal growth and healing, the way this path guides us to do.

Again and again, we watch as an organic process unfolds that operates independently from our conscious mind and our expectations. A plan like this goes in stages, with new energies released each time we transition to a new stage.

Let’s take a look at how this phenomenon manifests on the material level, which is the most superficial level. For example, what happens in the outer growth of a person as they go through very distinct growth phases. For a baby, when they are ready to learn to walk and talk, dormant capacities unfold in them. In order for this to take place, new energies must become available to them.

On the physical level, this is the first major change that takes place after we incarnate. The next major phase of expansion happens when a child leaves home and goes to school. This big step is not just a physical one, but also involves an inner expansion. This is a step out into the world that involves unfolding the child’s built-in potential to cope with other people who live outside the home. Growth continues in this way throughout the span of a person’s entire life.

After a person becomes fully physically grown, it’s harder to notice these transitions. Nonetheless, they are just as real and distinct. Each new phase involves changes, growth and the ability to express oneself more creatively so one can better deal with the world—both the outer world and the inner one. Physicians know that there are changes in our cellular system every few years. In fact, the chemical components of the outer structure change completely. And even though we may not notice this happening, it’s real.

The changes that happen on the other levels of our being—mental, psychic, emotional and spiritual—are even more dynamic. During each stage, we take an orderly step to fulfill the plan of the seed. And the seed plan releases new energies automatically. When we are following our plan, these energies provide us with just the boost we need. They help us expand and change and grow, so we can reach a new dimension. This motion starts from within and moves outward, reaching to embrace more of reality. After all, the aim of inner reality is to reach out and transform outer reality, following its own unlimited beauty, perfection and infinite possibilities for expression.

But when the outgoing movement is obstructed—such as when the ego-consciousness hinders the process, ignoring its urgings and acting insensitive to them—then the energies can’t unfold in their natural, harmonious way. This is when these energies, which are originally constructive, turn destructive according to our human view of things.

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