Advertising Jobs, Family; Atlanta (1989-1998)


In moving to my third (out of five) last name, I represented myself for the legal procedure.


Rick and I were married in September of 1991. We went to Paris for our honeymoon and then moved into a house on Cherry Tree Lane, which was, coincidentally, the same street Mary Poppins lived on (although perhaps in a different time, city and reality).


I worked as the copywriter on an ad campaign for The Atlanta Project, an initiative spearheaded by Jimmy Carter.

I met Jimmy Carter when our team presented concepts for The Atlanta Project ad campaign, involving print, radio and TV spots.

I met Jimmy Carter again when we presented our finished work. When he said, “Nice to see you again,” he made my year.


I took this picture of my niece Sarah, standing in front of an emu farm in North Georgia, the summer she came down for a visit. The following year, Sarah died in a car accident, and this picture was on a role of film her mother later found in her bedroom. She was a lovely girl and I am grateful for the time we spent with her.

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