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A Memoir about How I Made a Road

You remember Wild, with the author’s amazing trek and heart-breaking backstory, right? This isn’t that. Although there is some wandering around that leads to recovery and redemption. And hiking did happen along the way.

This could be A Million Little Pieces, but it’s not. This story is actually all true.

Might even be Mommy Dearest, but thankfully, it’s not even close. For this story is told with heart and sensitivity. In fact, Walker is really about one woman’s journey to open her heart and develop sensitivity.

It starts out with a young girl raised in a singing Lutheran family, where things looked good on the outside. But inside, Jill Loree was struggling.

Her journey would walk her through a life of transformation, learning some hard truths about what it takes to accept and forgive. What she realized along the way was that she needed to let go: of old hurts, of expectations, and ultimately, of limitations.

This is the story of her life. Sharing it, wrapped gently in humor, is her gift.


From Proverbs and Tiny Songs

  You walking, your footsteps are

the road, and nothing else;

there is no road, walker,

you make the road by walking.

By walking you make the road,

and when you look backward,

you see the path that you

never will step on again.

Walker, there is no road,

Only wind-trails in the sea.

– By Antonio Machado (1875–1939), translated by Robert Bly


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Part One | Childhood; Barron (1963-1971)

Part Two | More Childhood, Adolescence; Rice Lake (1971-1981)

Part Three | College; Eau Claire (1981-1985)

Part Four | Fortune 500 Jobs; Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta (1985-1989)

Part Five | Advertising Jobs, Family; Atlanta (1989-1998)

Part Six | Marcom, Pathwork; Atlanta (1998–2014)

Part Seven | Spiritual Writing, Teaching; Richmond, Washington DC, Western NY (2014–present)

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WALKER: A Memoir about How I Made a Road

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