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Understanding Prejudice and Turning the Other Cheek

Reading Time: 5 minutes

What’s the explanation for the saying of Jesus, “Come as a little child?” Jesus is referring to having a lack of prejudice—like we’d have with a childlike, but not childish, attitude—which should also be our approach to this whole path. We, as human beings, suffer constantly and greatly from our widespread prejudices of others. Why does this make us suffer?…



Reading Time: 3 minutes

It seems that everything could have been a lot easier if the Bible had been written so that it is easier for people to understand—and just as importantly, not misunderstand. This is really the whole nut about the Bible. For as long as we haven’t done the work of self-knowing so that on our own inner layers we are sufficiently…



Reading Time: 6 minutes

There are many myths in the book of Genesis, including the one about the Tower of Babel. To recap, from Genesis 11:1-9: 1: Originally the whole earth was of one language…2: And…as they journeyed from the East…they found a plain…and they dwelt there. 3: And they said…Let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven…lest…