Series: The Pull

Life is Relationship

Life may be many things, but more than anything else, it is relationship. If we don’t relate, we don’t live. It’s all relative to our attitude, whether positive or negative. The minute we relate, we live. When we are in destructive relationships, we are heading for a climax that is ultimately going to do away with the destructiveness. Kaboom. Further…


The Forces of Love, Eros and Sex

People may be confused about a lot of different things, but most of us are somewhat confused about love. And sex. And then there’s that erotic spark. What gives? These are actually three distinct forces, or principles. And they show up, or don’t, differently on all the various levels. Let’s see if we can sort them out. Listen and learn…


The Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Sexuality

Call it what you will, the main goal for all of us split-off beings is to reunite our separated aspects of the One Great Big Consciousness and become whole again. And there is a jumbo force motivating each and every one of us to move in that all-is-one direction. The pull of this force—well, it is downright irresistible. If we…