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What’s Behind All the Resistance?

Reading Time: 12 minutes

One of my favorite things about the Pathwork teachings is how they illuminate problems from many different angles. This is incredibly insightful, yet it can also make things seem complicated. But the reality is, people are complicated. And therefore the solutions to our bigger problems are seldom simple. With that in mind, let’s look at resistance, and consider it from a few different perspectives.


It’s a Jungle In There: Hacking Our Way Around a Spiritual Path

Reading Time: 7 minutes

In our psyche, we are constantly building forms by way of our behaviors and actions, our thoughts and feelings. So in every typical human soul, there will be a jungle. That doesn’t mean we’re bad people. It merely means we’re full of confusion, error and lack of awareness.

This jungle analogy isn’t just an analogy. These forms do, in fact, exist in our psyche. And when we set off on our spiritual path, we will need to find our way through such difficulties. If we don’t understand what’s going on, this can be very discouraging. Here’s what’s happening.


Suffering? Here’s Why. Better Yet, Here’s How to Resolve It

Reading Time: 14 minutes

“Here is a room full of people, and not one person is completely happy. There is not one person who would not want some kind of change…You may feel an unhappiness, unrest, disharmony, fear, insecurity, loneliness, yearning. All of you, my friends, including those who will read these words, have the power to change this if you want to.” – The Pathwork® Guide


Why Did God Make War?

Reading Time: 13 minutes

We can likely all agree that we live in a world filled with people at very different levels of development. This causes friction, and that friction hands us our work. Because all these different levels of development create misunderstandings and blindness, and therefore conflicts. Yet this friction is exactly the key to developing faster. Because conflicts are what bring our own weaknesses to the surface.

All this makes being a human quite difficult. So then why couldn’t all this have been avoided? Why can’t we just live with people who hail from the same spiritual spheres as us? Well, we used to, and here’s what happened.