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9 Plan of Salvation
What does salvation by Jesus Christ through the Plan of Salvation really mean? “Salvation,” of course, is one of those blinking words.
What does salvation by Jesus Christ through the Plan of Salvation really mean? “Salvation,” of course, is one of those blinking words.

Now let’s take a closer look at what salvation by Jesus Christ really means. “Salvation,” of course, is another of those blinking words. Consider that salvation means essentially that we are never locked out. Christ offers endless forgiveness and acceptance. So no matter what a mess we may occasionally make of things, if we ask for help in finding solutions, we will not receive a stone.

Ironically, although few people realize the full significance of this, organized religion has almost completely misunderstood what salvation is. Many believe Christ died on the cross for all of our sins. And therefore no one is accountable for their own sins any more. That Christ has atoned for all of them through his death. Of course, this cannot be so. As we look at the real story, it will become obvious how such a comfortable misunderstanding could have come about. But also why this would be senseless.

Salvation is in fact something that has been accomplished on this earth sphere, and also in every sphere of existence. After the Fall, Christ, who of course has literally been around since time immemorial—way, way, way before he came to visit Earth—organized all the unfallen spirits to bring together their strength and area of perfection to help the Plan of Salvation.

Recall, each created being was created perfectly in one way, representing a divine aspect: love, wisdom, courage, for example. This created worlds of beauty and a way for each being to eventually become Godlike. In order to pitch in on the Plan, they had to postpone their own goals.

So millions and millions of years passed, waiting for enough fallen spirits to have enough longing to get back to God for Earth to come into existence. While all of this was going on, Christ was busy, preparing, working and planning ahead, and sending various pure spirits to live on Earth. He organized the teachings that the pure spirits would deliver, either through inspiration and guidance or through communication with God’s world. The painstaking minutia of this cannot be overstated. Everything had to be worked out so that it would mesh with divine laws of justice.

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