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1 Understanding the Bible
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BIBLE ME THIS: Releasing the Riddles of Holy Scripture to Better Understand the Bible

The Bible is a stumper for many of us, not unlike the Riddler teasing Batman with his ‘riddle me this’ taunts. But what if we could understand the Bible and know what some of those obscure passages mean? What’s the truth hidden in the myth of Adam & Eve? And what was up with that Tower of Babel?

Bible Me This podcasts are a collection of in-depth answers to a variety of questions about the Bible that were asked of the Pathwork Guide, following this call for questions:

“It would be most helpful and beneficial for you, my friends, if you became more familiar with the Bible. I am most eager and willing to help you understand this great document, to disentangle for you what belongs on which level.

For this great book is a combination of fragments of historical accounts, of symbolic meanings, of the greatest truths, of distortions deriving from human limitation of consciousness, as well as from the then existing cultural conditions that were “right” at that time, but are no longer so today.

I would like to lift up the jewels of truth contained in this book, separating the grains from the husks, so that you can appreciate and benefit from the timeless wisdom of these messages. So I suggest that you ply me with questions. You have a whole month to prepare, and I promise you that I will give you interpretations and answers that will be most useful and helpful for everyone. This will open a new horizon for you.”

— The Pathwork® Guide

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1 Understanding the Bible

Even with its flubs, the Bible has no equal. Few people can grasp the meaning that exists on all levels. When it comes to understanding [...]

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2 Understanding myths

A myth is a way to represent a truth that we can accept and understand. Unlike many symbols, myths are actually true. People are often [...]

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3 Myth: Tower of Babel

Trying to get to heaven—to reach perfection—by taking a shortcut through material means is just as nuts as building a tower that reaches the heavens. [...]

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