Growing up, we were good little Christians together, my brothers and me. We all stood at the front of the church for the Christmas program, reciting our various parts of the Christmas story. And our whole family rose before dawn on Easter mornings for the Sunrise Service.

Jill Loree, Peter Scott and Jeffrey Kyle, getting ready for church.

I followed the boys as we each struggled our way through the crazy memorization drill called Catechism, prior to that major life moment: Confirmation. Most Sundays, we sat in the balcony together with the rest of the choir.

In more recent years, we’ve each also branched off into exploring other spiritual practices that nourish us. Yet it feels good to honor our personal stories of Christian celebration and allow them to have their place in our shared memories.

Pete and Jeff, it has been a joy and a blessing to travel through this lifetime with both of you. This one’s for you.

– Jill Loree

P.S. The picture on the cover of Holy Moly features the “Jesus tree,” a marvel of nature towering above the trees just across the lake from our parent’s cabin. It was originally pointed out to me by my brother Pete, who texted me a picture of it. It’s a stunning sight to behold. The photo shown on the cover was taken by my other brother, Jeff, who captured an autumn sunrise that one might say was, er, to die for.

HOLY MOLY: The Story of Duality, Darkness and a Daring Rescue

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