“To find the truth, we will need to navigate the mazes of the dark areas of our own souls. We will run into the temptation to stay stuck and enjoy the thrill of our own negativity. We must work to overcome this.”

—Jill Loree

Phoenesse® offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings that show us how to repair our deepest wounds and restore ourselves to wholeness. Combining brevity with levity, these transformational instructions are designed for people who are ready to wake up but don’t have all day to do it.

So let’s go. It’s time to move fearlessly through whatever is blocking our light. Let's do this work; let’s light up this world.

What are the Teachings?

Feeling Stuck and Unlucky? Here’s Why.

The point of these teachings is to help us raise our level of consciousness so we can get a better grip on reality. And the most powerful part of our reality—not to mention the part we have so little awareness of even existing—is our unconscious. It is our unconscious thoughts and feelings that are responsible for everything favorable that happens…


Why is there Pain?

The Plan of Salvation calls for fallen spiritual beings to return to Earth time and time again, each time with a mission to advance spiritually by healing some aspect of negativity. And each time we incarnate, we will find that there is one equation that must always come out right: hardship equals self-created difficulties. In other words, if we feel…


Does “Jesus” Make you Jump?

Turns out, fire and brimstone ain’t where it’s at. So many people have been turned off by the ways of the Christian church, what with its fallible leaders and its believe-or-you’ll-go-straight-to-hell message. Yuck. It’s no wonder early Pathwork leaders put a lid on the teachings it received about Christ. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Turning our back on…