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If you’ve ever read a Pathwork lecture, you know that most of them end with a handful of Q&As, or questions and answers. You may also know that 14 “lectures” are actually 100% Q&As. What happened is that Eva Pierrakos, who spoke the lectures, sent monthly lectures to a mailing list. When she went on holiday, she sent out transcripts from Q&A sessions.

What many may not realize is there are 155 more transcripts of Q&As that few have read. Collectively, the body of Pathwork Q&As is on par with the body of lectures. Content-wise, the Q&As are just as amazing as the lectures themselves.

I have personally read them all and can vouch for how remarkable they are. The Q&As are sometimes about particular lectures, but more often, they are an array of questions about life. What’s most unique, perhaps, is the Pathwork Guide’s ability to answer the questions in a way that applies to us all.

In short, the Q&As are designed to help everyone.

Nothing is random

One of the most impactful things I took away from reading the Pathwork Q&As is this: Nothing is random. Whatever a person was grappling with, the Guide always offered a clue to help them find the root of the problem in themselves.

QUESTION: Is there absolutely no error of any kind in creation? Is there 100% infallibility?

ANSWER: Absolutely.

If nothing else, just realizing that in every disharmony in life there is always a root to look for within us is eye-opening.

The Guide Speaks: The Pathwork Q&As, Volumes 1-8

So many answers

The volume of Q&As is, in fact, tremendous. As I initially read them, I immediately realized two things. First, they are a treasure trove of wisdom. Second, without some kind of map, I would never find my way back to helpful nuggets, given the way they were jumbled into so many unmarked documents.

That’s why I began creating a list of topics I could use to find my way back to them. As the list grew, so did my passion for this body of material. I probably spent 500 hours reading, sorting, and lightly editing the Q&As to make them easier to read. Throughout those weeks and months, I couldn’t wait to get back to them.

In the end, I created a 1290-page document containing all of the Pathwork Q&As. That’s a lot of pages to read. So I broke them down into eight 250-page books of roughly equal length, according to the topics I had assigned to each. You can read and access the topics in each of the eight volumes here.

The Q&As offer keys

As I read, I began to notice a number of quotes from the Guide that somehow referenced a key. Like this one:

“The truth is that love is the key to all life and the only safety there is. That is the great truth. It is up to humanity to discover this truth. Before this truth can be discovered, you need to discover where, within the depths and recesses of your being – not at first conscious to you – you violate this law of truth and love. And every single human being does.”

– Pathwork® Guide, Q&A #161

There were enough “key quotes” to include a few in each of the eight books. These books have now been published as both ebooks and paperbacks as part of a series called “The Keys”. In my experience, reading them feels like using a key to unlock the mind and wake up.

This reference to keys also inspired me to find pictures of unique door knockers to use for the covers of these books. For the Guide also often repeats the teaching from Jesus that says it’s up to us to knock if we want to get the answers in life. The Guide says this about praying:

“As Jesus Christ said, ‘Knock and it will be opened unto you.’ The knocking symbolizes being alert and interested enough to figure out what you need most at various stages of your path. The path changes constantly. And you surely cannot pray with equal concentration on everything at once.”

– Pathwork® Guide, Lecture #38

The Guide Speaks

The title of the eight books is The Guide Speaks: The Pathwork Q&As, Volumes 1-8. This is the same title as the website, www.theguidespeaks.com, which makes the Q&As available to read for free in 101 languages.

The Pathwork Guide shared with us that the lectures were created by a council of beings. Each lecture was crafted to meet the needs of the people coming to hear them, while also applying globally to anyone who ever read them. The Q&As are crafted the same way. But the Q&As are answered by the Guide himself. Hence, The Guide Speaks.

What you hear when you read the Q&As is incredible kindness, practical guidance, deep wisdom, and an enduring desire to help humanity heal and grow. The messages in the Q&As are the same as the teachings we learn from the lectures, but in the Q&As they are offered in smaller bites. They also provide invaluable guidance for how to apply the Pathwork teachings personally to our lives.

Q&As about the Bible

One of the most fascinating things I found in the hidden Q&As were the Guide’s teachings about the Bible. To be clear, this was something the Guide encouraged people to ask about. Because he wanted to help us learn how to access the deep truths it contains.

“It would be most helpful and beneficial for you, my friends, if you became more familiar with the Bible. I am most eager and willing to help you understand this great document. To disentangle for you what belongs on which level.”

For this great book is a combination of fragments of historical accounts; of symbolic meanings; and of the greatest truths; of distortions deriving from human limitation of consciousness; of existing cultural conditions that were “right” at that time, but are no longer so today.”

I would like to lift up the jewels of truth contained in this book, separating the grains from the husks. So that you can appreciate and benefit from the timeless wisdom of these messages. So I suggest that you ply me with questions. You have a whole month to prepare. And I promise you that I will give you interpretations. These answers will be most useful and helpful for everyone. This will open a new horizon for you.”

— Pathwork® Guide, lecture #243

So in the first volume of The Guide Speaks, you will find a collection of all the questions people asked the Pathwork Guide about the Bible, including questions about parables, myths, reincarnation in the Bible—hint: it was originally in there—and the Ten Commandments.

Jill Loree, Arrangement

I actually gave a lot of thought to how I should refer to myself relative to this body of Q&As. As we know, the author herself, Eva Pierrakos, didn’t claim to be the author. The author of these answers is the Pathwork Guide. Yet of course we give Eva authorship and recognize her incredible dedication to making these transmissions possible.

So while I have created this way of organizing this material, it is not my material. This material belongs to the Pathwork Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with disseminating and caring for the Pathwork Guide’s words, and furthering Eva’s legacy.

I completed my assembly of these Q&As around Christmastime. At the time, I was listening to many different arrangements of Christmas music offered by so many different artists. Which is when the word “arrangement” popped into my head.

I didn’t create the “song”, but I crafted this arrangement so that others could enjoy it.

Keys: Answers to key questions asked of the Pathwork Guide

Key collections

Not everyone wants to dive into reading eight books, even if they are worth it. That’s why I created Keys: Answers to key questions asked of the Pathwork® Guide, a collection of my favorite Q&As. Included are questions about the topics of religion, Jesus Christ, reincarnation, the Spirit World, death, the Bible, prayer and meditation, and God.

This collection is available for free reading here. You can also find a collection of the explanations of 19 Bible verses here. Keys is also available as an ebook and paperback, and is part of The Keys series.

All nine ebooks are $4.99 each, and the paperbacks are $12.99 on Amazon. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of The Guide Speaks books will be given to the Pathwork Foundation to support their mission of making the original lectures available to the world. Proceeds from Keys will go to support the mission of Phoenesse, which is to make the Pathwork teachings easier to access.

“May all of you find here or there a little key, a clarification, a helpful hint so as to shed light on your way, in your struggle to reach the light of truth, to understand your life in relationship to the universe, to understand yourself and therefore life.”

– Pathwork® Guide, Q&A #132

– Jill Loree

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