From Part III: Doing the Work, in Spilling the Script: A Concise Guide to Self-Knowing by Jill Loree.

In the course of this work, we develop on various levels of our being:

  • In our spirit, we move from the separation of duality to unity.
  • And in our mind, we move from images and vicious circles to truth.
  • In our will, we move from forcing currents and withholding, to receptivity and a willingness to give.
  • And in our emotions, we move from being blocked and numb, to being flowing and changing.
  • In our bodies, we move from being frozen and split, to being open, breathing and integrated.

The Way Out

Following is an overview of the work we can do to heal our souls. This is the way out:

• Something triggers an Emotional Reaction
Bring reason to our emotions to discover the cause.

• Come out of Blame and being a Victim
Take responsibility for seeing cause and effect in ourselves.

• Pray & Meditate to see the truth
Use mature ego to connect with Higher Self.

• Find the Image
Clearly express the statement of the belief.

• Release Residual Pain
Feel the pain of unmet needs.

• Find the Duality
See the misconception and open to seeing reality.

• Feel and unwind the Forcing Current
Or find the collapse into hopelessness.

• Connect with Negative Pleasure
Discover the pleasure in being destructive.

• Recognize Faults
Reveal the triad of pride, fear and self-will.

• Transform Negative Intention
Find where we need to give.

• Search for a No-Current
Find faulty thinking that undermines fulfillment.

• Uncover Real Needs
Pray and meditate to connect with our longing.

• Impress soul substance with New Awareness
Re-educate the inner child with the truth.

• Pray for Healing
Divine energy fills and heals the wound.

Doing the Work : Healing Our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self

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