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Walker, There is No Road

There is much healing that comes from sharing our story with others, both for ourselves and for our fellow-walkers on this path we call life. Everyone’s story is unique and yet somehow they’re all the same. By seeing the common threads, we see the cloth that holds us all together. We’re all following—and sometimes falling into—the same patterns. We’re not…


She was Good: Pride vs. Shame

When I was 22, I lived in downtown Philadelphia for a short time. Passing by the gravesite of Benjamin Franklin, I was amused by the plaque bearing the epitaph he wrote for himself at 22, which begins: The Body of B. Franklin, Printer, Like the Cover of an old Book, Its Contents torn out, And Stript of its Lettering &…


Finding Forgiveness: One Tough Nut

When I got sober twenty-some years ago, I was told that the biggest reason people relapse is because of resentments. They’ll not only drive people to drink, resentments can drive huge wedges between otherwise peace-loving people. “The only thing you need to start a new meeting,” said one recovering alcoholic, “is a coffee pot and a resentment.” There are a…