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First the Struggle, Then the Angel

Steps for Finding Peace First, we must find our negativity. This will require some searching. We all have negativity we know about, and even more we don’t. We must dig. Next, we must own up to our negativity. Be honest. Be humble. No more denial of the bad. At the same time, we need to not annhilate ourselves over what…


Finding our Light, Feeling More Connected

In our current state, we can feel torn, as we have our feet planted in two different worlds: the world of matter and the world of spirit. And so this is exactly our task: to spiritualize matter and to materialize Christ. For Christ is blossoming every minute, every day, all the time, with each new realization or budding spurt of…


How to Calm our Dragons

As we grow and evolve, we work our way around a wheel of development that begins with the acting out of our negativity. Cue the dragons. After this, we move to holding back, which leads, of course, to repression. The next step after repressing is to make our hurts conscious, but to not act them out. Along the way, we…