Word for Word

Word for Word

An Intimate Exchange Between a Couple of Kindred Souls


It’s time to walk the walk.

What does it really look like, not just to talk the talk, but also to walk the walk of a spiritual path? In a word, it can get complicated.

Now, in this word-for-word* collection of straight-forward messages written between a couple of died-in-the-wool spiritual seekers, we get a glimpse into some of the wily ways our work surfaces in our relationships, and how we can navigate through the hiccups.

Surprisingly insightful and at times pretty funny, here is a rare inside perspective on the messy work of healing, growing and relating.

People come together in mysterious ways. Is there really some grand plan? And if there is, would we recognize it if we found ourselves smack in the middle of it? Maybe, but then again maybe not, as was the case for Jill and Tim, two spiritual seekers who followed their deep longing for connection, and along the way unknowingly captured their unfolding adventure through heartwarming emails and texts.

*Word for Word is, for the most part, a verbatim exchange between two people who both like to write, and who, as luck would have it, found a willing pen pal in each other. Neither had any idea at the time that this could amount to a narrative, so neither made any effort to sensor what was shared.

What’s included here, then, is a word-for-word account of their communications with just a few things omitted or slightly modified to protect the innocent. Typos and punctuation have been cleaned up to aid readability, but believe it or not, nothing has been added nor has anything been tweaked so that the two don’t look too stupid or otherwise embarrass themselves. You’ll see.

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