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Spiritual essays

Spiritual essays

Essays about the spiritual nature of life

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2910, 2020

Essay 6 Taking the more mystical way home

By |October 29, 2020|Categories: 1) Holy Moly, Comments from Jill, Editor's pick|

Just as Kabbalah is the mystical arm of the Jewish tradition, there is a mystical form of Islam called Sufism. It’s a bit harder to find a mystical path that dovetails with Christianity. A good candidate might be the path of Phoenesse, which is built on the profound teachings offered to humanity by the Pathwork Guide. This fits well from the perspective that both Phoenesse and Pathwork are Christic paths that don’t resemble Christianity at all.

2102, 2021

Essay 7 Two Martin Luthers, two kinds of faith

By |February 21, 2021|Categories: After the Ego, Comments from Jill|

Before we begin on a healing journey in which we remove the obstacles that are blocking our inner light—remembering what Christ taught, which is that heaven is within—we can only believe with our ego mind. And belief as a mental concept has no spiritual value.

1003, 2021

Essay 8 It’s time to grow up: Maturing through stages

By |March 10, 2021|Categories: After the Ego, Pathwork Guide Lecture|

As we enter a new era—the start of a new epoch, really—we are going through a time of crisis. But this is just a normal part of growing up. And ready or not, it’s now time for humanity to step fully into adulthood. Let's look at where we are heading next.

1404, 2021

Essay 9 After isolation: Approaching the Great Transition

By |April 14, 2021|Categories: After the Ego, Blinded by Fear, Pathwork Guide Lecture|

The great longing of all humanity is to participate in the life that follows after going through this transition. Meanwhile, in our ignorance, we fight this transition. Nevertheless, the longing always remains. Because the state of union is the natural state of all God’s creatures. And in that state, there’s no loneliness anymore. In our present state, however, many of us still feel essentially alone. In this state of isolation, the best we can hope for is a feeling that others are in the same boat as we are. That others also feel utterly alone. But that’s not at all what the new state really feels like.

1707, 2020

Essay 10 Paying attention: The life-changing process of waking up

By |July 17, 2020|Categories: After the Ego, Blinded by Fear, Spilling the Script|

Waking up means all parts of the human psyche work together to shift which part is in the lead. The part that needs waking up is the Higher Self. In most people, it lies dormant in the center of our being, rarely seen and seldom consulted. It’s not so much that our Higher Self is asleep, but we’re simply no longer aware of it. It’s patiently waiting for us to access it—to operate our lives from this deeper place within.

1605, 2021

Essay 11 Living on the good side of life

By |May 16, 2021|Categories: After the Ego, Comments from Jill|

Eons ago, long before the beginning of time, something bad happened. And in a nutshell, human beings—who were spiritual beings at the time—got in trouble. Our punishment was a bit like being sent to our room. In this case, we were sent into darkness. Which raises at least two questions: What did we do that was so wrong? And who handed out this dreadful punishment?

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