Choose the Light

At the core of every created being, we are all the same: We are light. This light holds a prism of wonderful qualities, including truth, calmness and harmony, beauty, wisdom and love. At this level of our beings, these qualities are intimately interconnected.

So where there is truth there will be calmness; where there is harmony there will be beauty, where there is wisdom, there will also be love. Jumble the last sentence into any order and the equations will still always balance. At this level of our being, all is already one.

The hallmark signature of seeing these divine qualities in action? Connection.

In contrast, on the surface of every human being are various layers of darkness. All our wrong conclusions, destructive tendencies and faults—including the three main faults of fear, pride and self-will—live here, discoloring our ability to connect.

The hallmark signature then of these negative qualities? Separation.

We can always check to see whether we are thinking, speaking or acting from our light or our darkness by asking this simple question: Am I serving connection or separation?

When we align with anything other than our inner light, we create disharmony in the world. But more than that, we create discord within. For when we serve separation, we are no longer at one with our own selves.

During difficult times, it’s important to remember that everything we think, say and do has an effect—on us and those around us. This is the moment to slow down and choose the light.

—Jill Loree