Stairs to True Freedom

To find true freedom, we must find the darkness inside us and transform it back to the light.

The Fall, the Plan of Salvation, Free Will and True Freedom

The following tells the story of the steps we took to arrive here and how we must go to get home. In particular, there are two main events that are super-important for people to understand: the Fall and the Plan of Salvation. This story also weaves in the importance of free will, a key aspect in falling and in rising again to true freedom.

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  • God is love. Hence God must create, so love will have something to love.
  • The first to be created was Christ, the Son of God.
  • From there, a multitude of spirit beings came into existence; let’s call them angels. Many, many nations of angels were formed.
  • God imbued each angel with a special essence—a particular spiritual quality—to enjoy and perfect. Plus at their core each held a spark of God. Oh, and perhaps most importantly, God gave all the angels free will, just like God has.
  • God’s one clear, ironclad request: we were asked to obey Christ as our King. (Hey, we were living in harmony and bliss—how hard should that be?)
  • One of the first beings created after Christ was a magnificent bearer of light, called Lucifer. And like all beings created by Christ, Lucifer was a double: both a female half and a male half.
  • Over time, Lucifer became extremely jealous of Christ, whose light was even more dazzling than Lucifer’s, and whose reception by the crowds in every nation was ever so much grander.
  • Turning on the charm, Lucifer—who by all accounts was a very charismatic being—began to convince others that, in fact, Lucifer would be a better king. Promises of things like preferential treatment were made. One could argue that at that point, God could have stepped in and nipped things in the bud (since of course God saw what was happening). But as everyone had been given free will, things had to run their course. To do anything otherwise—essentially curbing our freedom—would have voided our likeness with God. This is as true today as it was then.
  • One day, Lucifer cranked up the courage to ask God for the Keys to the Kingdom. Already, God’s faithful had been hard at work secretly marking all the angels who were leaning in favor of Lucifer—whether all-in or just waffling a smidge, mattered not.
  • At that point, God had had enough. Thus began the Fall, when all the marked angels were swept out of heaven and into a massive sphere of darkness headed up by none other than Lucifer. If we wanted Lucifer for our King, God said, well here was our chance. Yes, we are those angels.
  • During this course of cascading events, we not only tried on disobedience, but also a whole host of other opposite qualities. We fell for our curiosity and kept falling, following Lucifer right over the edge.
  • During the Fall, we were split. Not only was each being split into either a female or male half, and imperfectly at that, but our very souls were split in two, creating inner opposite beliefs that are still in much need of repair.
  • And so we found ourselves trapped in a world of hurt, where negativity ruled and Lucifer reigned. We were no longer governed by a King who loved us, but rather tortured by a tyrant who hated us. For the Prince of Darkness was now our King. We were also in a pickle, because we were experiencing the opposite of everything good, and that included our free will. This meant we were imprisoned under the unshakable domination of Lucifer, now turned into Satan. 
  • During all this time, the brothers and sisters remaining in God’s world mourned the loss of their loved ones. And Christ was paying close attention as well. For Christ loved—and still loves—us all dearly and nothing that happened had put a dent in that.
  • For over a gazillion eons, all of us fallen angels were hanging out unhappily in Satan’s dark lair. Until at long last, there dawned the slightest glimmer of light on the horizon. This arose from the longing of all the fallen angels who wanted to find their way back home to God.
  • It was this longing to return to God that set something new into motion, called the Plan of Salvation. For long before Earth came into existence, God and Christ had been busy crafting a plan for how we could all get right again with God. And so it was that a place was created where every fallen angel could come and learn to consciously make a different choice—a choice for the good.
  • This place that was created came not only from the longing of the fallen angels (aka, you and me), but also from the longing of the unfallen angels who remained true to Christ, and who pined for the return of their brothers and sisters.
  • And so it was that slowly and gradually a galaxy came into existence containing a planet where fallen angels could incarnate to do their work of returning to God. This was unavoidably a place of duality, where both good and evil would co-exist, which was a perfect match for the fragmented souls of fallen angels.
  • Since this planet was created from the longings emanating from both heaven and hell, entities from both spheres had access to Earth. Many pure angels were sent by Christ to provide us with much-needed guidance since especially starting out, we were still so crude in our development. The dark forces showed up too, of course, just to add more evil to the pot, and to entice humanity to keep playing in the dark. For a very long time, Satan ruled the roost on Earth and nothing was off-limits. In short, we were tricked, tempted and tormented mercilessly by dark forces, and there was no holding back. 
  • No matter how far a being advanced spiritually, when we went to sleep or died and returned to the Spirit World, we continued to be stuck under Satan’s cruel dominion.
  • So one day, Christ went to have a chat with Satan about this: “Hey, when people make the choice for good and are ready to start the journey of returning home to God, can you please let them come back?”
  • And Satan said, “Ah, no.” 
  • So Christ asked what it would take to let people actually get back—once they consciously decide they want to get home to God—and be freed from Satan’s tyranny.
  • Satan basically said: “Send one being—anyone—to Earth and let me throw all my best temptations at them, without the Spirit World helping them out like you usually do. And if that person stays true to God—which I don’t believe anyone could ever do, because I am crazy-good at what I do—then I’ll fight a war with you. And if you win, I’ll start to abide by God’s laws of fairness. In other words, I won’t tempt anyone more than they deserve. And then those who want to leave my cozy nest can do so.”
  • Anyone could have gone, but Christ raised his hand for the assignment. He did so because he was Satan’s number-one enemy, given Satan’s intense jealousy over Christ’s leader-in-command position.
  • To this day, no one has had to endure anything like what Jesus Christ went through during his time on Earth. And with his memory of the Spirit World dimmed out at times—just like for the rest of us—it wasn’t a slam dunk. Nonetheless, Christ did it.
  • Immediately following Jesus’ death—over a three-day period, give or take—a war was waged. Numbers-wise, it was terribly lopsided, for the forces of good far outweigh the power of evil; even Satan had to agree it was a fair fight. And the Light Team wearing the white hats took home the trophy.
  • This was Judgment Day, meaning from that point forward, God’s laws shall be in full force on Earth. Satan’s wings had been clipped. Further, ever since, the doors back to heaven have been opened for anyone who does the work of choosing light over darkness, freeing ourselves from our own faults by transforming them back to their original face.
  • Our work then is to fight the good fight and overcome the illusion that we are separate—from God, from each other, and perhaps most especially, from ourselves. It is God’s will then, supported by God’s laws, that we each use our own free will to make this choice, so that when we return to our home in heaven, we can reunite fully with God and live once again in the glory of divine light.

If we understand the Plan of Salvation, we will have a new appreciation for Christ’s mission in coming here. The choice is now ours to find the darkness inside us and transform it back to the light. If we do this, we have every right to walk through that doorway to true freedom. Even Lucifer will one day be welcomed back home to God.

So let’s take the next step. Let’s do this work. Let’s light up this world.

— The Guide’s wisdom in Jill Loree’s words

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