Playing the Long Game: It’s Difficult and Doable

The first time I picked up a Pathwork lecture, I knew I had found something special. The year was 1997, and by then, this material had already been around for a few decades*. What I didn’t realize then was that the Pathwork Guide was playing the long game. And at the time, I didn’t yet understand that I, too, would now be playing the long game.

There’s a spiritual truth behind the Biblical saying, “All things happen for good for those who love God.”

Pathwork Lectures are Deep but Dense

Starting out, I found the Pathwork lectures to be hard to get through. The sentences were long. The paragraphs were long. The lectures were long. The list of lectures was long. Even after I got rolling, the years it took to make noticeable progress were long.

But the concepts were deep. Deep enough to make a real difference. And the wisdom was profound. Profound enough to change my whole perspective about life.

It is our nature, however, as human beings, to want the quick fix. We want instant gratification and immediate results. For this is how the Lower Self rolls. Yet, as the Pathwork Guide teaches, the Lower Self is the part God wants us to work on—to heal and transform. And God, it turns out, is really playing the long game.

The Best Game in Town

Earth is a stop along the way in our journey to return home to God. It’s a half-way point, if you will, made up of souls who are not all that bad and not yet all that good. For we must already have at least some connection with our Higher Self to earn a ticket to Earth-town, but we also have a Lower Self that’s in need of some clean-up.

For me, starting in 1997, I would spend a lot of time, effort and money participating in various Pathwork groups, workshops, retreats and healing sessions to clear away the darkness that was hiding in my Lower Self. I read lecture after lecture after lecture, and I dove deep into my psyche. I uncovered things I never imagined were in there. And then I found my way out of my darkness. It was hard work, but I don’t regret a single minute of it. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Why? Because I can now look back and see the value of playing the long game. I understand that there’s actually no other reason for playing this game we call life. We’re in it to win our freedom from all the difficulties we create for ourselves.

Launching Myself Into the Game

Fast forward a few decades and it’s now the end of 2013. I’ve been a Pathwork Helper for a few years, so I’ve done some teaching at Sevenoaks Retreat Center, led a Pathwork group and held individual Pathwork sessions. My youngest son is graduating from high school the next Spring, and I’ve been ready to leave my corporate job for some time.

Best of all, for the last several years, I’ve known that I was tapped to be the next person to channel the Pathwork Guide. I was also aware at the time that I had the disadvantage of knowing what it looked like for Eva, and that it might look different for me. Case in point, I had just spent months sorting through all the Pathwork Q&As. And the whole time, the Guide was right there with me, whispering into my inner ear.

I thought the Guide and I were now going to kick off our work together. And we were. And we did. I just didn’t understand what it might look like to play the long game.

Back-Up Plans Can Be Better

Here’s one thing I’ve learned along the way. The Spirit World has plans. They also have back-up plans. And they have back-up plans for their back-up plans. There is no end to their back-up plans. But here’s something else that’s fascinating. The deep back-up plans can be far better than the low-hanging fruit of the first plan.

The spiritual teaching here is this. When we hang in there, especially when plans go sideways—and maybe even fall apart—that’s when the game really gets interesting. That’s when we see the hand of God sweep in and make things happen that take our breath away. For there’s a spiritual truth behind the Biblical saying that “all things happen for the good for those who love God.”

When we are working on clearing away the obstacles and darkness of our Lower Self, we are completely in alignment with why God has invited us to come here to Earth. In other words, we’re working to heal ourselves and this is what reveals our love for God, for goodness, for what’s right.

And when we are doing that, there’s no obstacle in our way that God won’t help us move. There’s no mountain before us that God won’t help us climb. There’s no end to what God will do to help us win our freedom. For God is playing the long game. And when we are on God’s team, God is fighting right there next to us.

Fighting the Good Fight

Fighting is a fact of life, even though what we’re ultimately fighting for is peace. Because on this plane of existence, people show up with all kinds of destructiveness in their Lower Self. So if we want the light to win, we’re going to need to fight for it. We must fight the Lower Self, in whatever form it shows up.

The trick is figuring what is worth fighting for. What’s truly in our best interest and what’s just rebellion and resistance for the sake of spreading darkness? What are our motives? How are they mixed motives? And what’s the best way to fight? What will carry God’s goal of peace and harmony forward, and what will allow the forces of darkness to prevail?

The answers aren’t going to be easy. The solutions aren’t going to be simple. But if we are fighting for the cause of the light, and we are truly doing our own work to clear away our Lower Self obstacles, then we will be guided for going the distance. We will have insight about how to fight the good fight. We’ll work together for causes that matter, and let go of those that are nonstarters.

Moving Into My Task

When I cleaned up and organized the Pathwork Q&As back in 2013, I was following a flow of guidance and energy that was roaring through me like a fire hose. Nearing the end of the task, I spoke with the president of the Pathwork Foundation, excited about the prospect of putting them into books and making them available to the world. All told, the material laid out into eight 200-page books, and I was ready to figure out how to self-publish. I was on fire. Not just with the brilliance these Q&As contained, but with the prospect of making these gems broadly accessible.

So I was pretty frustrated when the Pathwork Foundation president said no to my idea. She simply refused to support me or my efforts. I had proposed that we would split the profits from these books, giving me some financial support for leaving my corporate job, and giving the Foundation a much-needed financial shot in the arm. But the answer was no. The project was dead in the water.

Nonetheless, the next month I sensed I had gotten a green light to leave my corporate job. And so I leapt. I shared at length about what unfolded over the coming months and years in my memoir, Walker. It included creating a website to make the Q&As available to anyone in the world, (now in 108 languages), and putting my favorite Q&As into a single book called Keywords: Answers to Key Questions Asked of the Pathwork Guide (available online for free).

It included writing more than a dozen books and creating well over 100 podcasts to make the Pathwork Guide’s teachings easier to access. And it included the creation of a high-level overview and dozens of posts that attempt to help a person get their arms around these teachings. Because when I started out—did I mention?—accessing the Pathwork teachings wasn’t easy.

Now, looking back, I am so grateful for the way the Pathwork Foundation blocked my efforts. Because it pushed me to fulfill my true task by rewriting more than 150 lectures using my own easier-to-understand words. It also pushed me to keep creating more and more summaries and overviews. Because no one else was doing this, and I felt it needed to be done. I would have loved having these bird’s eye views when I was starting my journey with these teachings.

Friends, there is no better way to deeply connect with all this material than the way I did. But it has taken over eight years of dedicated full-time work. In the end though, I am now deeply and intimately familiar with the Pathwork Guide and these teachings. And I owe this to the fact that my first plan didn’t work. God, you see, had an amazing back-up plan. And it was way better than the first plan.  

The True Plan for the Pathwork Teachings

At one point, the Guide said Pathwork was never going to be big. It wasn’t until I created the book After the Ego: Insights from the Pathwork Guide on How to Wake Up that I understood why. The original teachings were designed to reach a limited number of people. These people would be guided in doing their own personal healing work, anchoring enough light on the planet that the whole world would be able to move into the coming era.

For that is what is arriving now. It’s time for a new era to begin. And this is the moment the Pathwork teachings were always intended for. This was always the plan. And my work with these teachings that started in 2013 has been to unpack them so people would be able to access them. For they are a map we can use for navigating this next part of our collective journey. The Pathwork lectures have been playing the long game.

Taking the More Direct Path

People, this is not an easy path to walk. But before I found the Pathwork teachings, I tried living life another way. My way. And I can tell you for sure, that other way was just as hard. More importantly, it didn’t bring me to the light. It didn’t help me heal my deep wounds. And it didn’t bring me peace. Instead, it led me further and further into the tangles of my own Lower Self.

I invite you to consider going another way. Because here is a secret that’s important to know: We are all heading in the same direction. We are all trying to get home. And there is no easy way to reach the mountaintop. These teachings from the Pathwork Guide are going to take you straight up the steepest side. But that makes these teachings the most direct way to get where you ultimately want to go.  

If you’re like me and you want to stop going in circles, this is the way to go. If you are reading these words, you have what it takes to play the long game.

Let’s go this way together. Let’s go home.

–Jill Loree

*Pathwork lectures were given monthly from March of 1957 to January of 1979 by Eva Pierrakos. Over those 22 years, Eva only missed giving one lecture and that was the day her cat, Psyche, died.

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