PEARLS | Book Five

A Mind-Opening Collection of 17 Fresh Spiritual Teachings

In this classic, practical collection, Jill Loree strings together timeless spiritual teachings that offer insights we can use every day.

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1 Privacy & Secrecy: A Boost or Bust for Finding Closeness

Chapter One In a NutshellListen

2 Reading Between the Lines of the Lord’s Prayer

Chapter Two In a Nutshell

3 Exploring the Spiritual Nature of Political Systems

Chapter Three In a Nutshell

4 Debunking the Curious Superstition of Pessimism

Chapter Four In a NutshellListen


5 Preparing for Reincarnation: Every Life Counts

6 Unwinding Humanity’s Relationship with Time

7 Basking in Grace & Not Building on Deficit

8 Articulating the Power of the Word


9 Why Flubbing on Perfection is the Way to Find Joy

10 Two Rebellious Reactions to Authority

11 Bringing Ourselves to Order, Inside and Out

12 The Right and Wrong Way to Think Positively


13 Uncloaking the Three Faces of Evil: Separation, Materialism and Confusion

Chapter Thirteen In a NutshellListen

14 Meditating to Connect Three Voices: The Ego, the Lower Self & the Higher Self

15 What’s the Real Spiritual Meaning of Crisis?

16 Mastering the Art of Stepping into Leadership

17 Discovering the Key to Letting Go & Letting God


*The order for reading these teachings is flexible. Follow your intuition and go where you feel called. If you get stuck on a teaching, move on. Sticking points may indicate something important to explore more deeply, but don’t let a speed bump derail you.



PEARLS: A Mind-Opening Collection of 17 Fresh Spiritual Teachings (Book Five)

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